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LineMan and LineEdit packages are independent. This means, LineMan doesn't need LineEdit to work as well as LineEdit doesn't need LineMan. You will probalbly need to install some external libraries (see below).

These builds (LineMan and LineEdit) DO NOT require installation. Just unzip and run. All the libraries are included.

Building from source:
You need qmake in order to build LineMan and LineEdit.
Unpack the source tarball and type the following in your console:
make && make install

You can then uninstall the game simply by typing:
make uninstall

If, for some reason, you cannot or don't want to install the game (or the editor), open file interface.h (or lineedit.h for the editor) in any text editor and comment 1 line:

Then type the following in your console:
Then simply run the game and have a nice playing.

For LineMan:
SDL 1.2
SDL_image 1.2
SDL_mixer 1.2
Lua 5.1

For LineEdit:
Qt >= 4.7
LineMan - Home
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